Who we are

The year 2009 runs when a young couple of boys, Ciro Colucci and Valentina Serioli, in love with life and farsighted towards a prosperous future of success and satisfaction, take over the Lord jewelry shop, located in via Mancini 72 in Massafra.

The young age of both and their marked resourcefulness allowed them to immediately reach various certificates, including the diploma of gemologists, at the IGI, Institute of Gemmology Italy, and the acquisition of important brands.

After a year, in 2010, they decide to move Lord Gioielli to the premises located in Corso Roma, 80, the main street of the Massafrese center.

Of course, the display of the windows, always very careful, refined and accurate, has led to a surge in sales.

The salient feature that characterizes Lord Gioielli is professionalism, courtesy and availability. Our customers feel pampered and at ease even with the collaborators, Rachele and Carmen, exquisitely sweet and professional.

Years went by and, with the acquisition of notable jewelery, watchmaking and even fashion brands, the need to expand the premises grew. Lord Gioielli is currently located in Corso Roma, 80 and 84.

The love between Ciro and Valentina, who, in the meantime, have formed a wonderful family, is therefore expressed in dedication and passion for their work, for jewels and for the cult of beauty.

The Jewel: Temptation, Perfection and Sublimation.